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CEO's Round up

Since its establishment 33 years ago Rupali Insurance Company’s continuous endeavor has increased Share Holders’ value & has made the Company a financially sound organization. It has been the Board’s and Management’s tireless efforts in developing and converging to our mission of being "an insurance with a difference."
The economy of Bangladesh Started looking well since the very inception of the year 2020. The financial services industries including insurance company initiated going ahead. The financial hindrances & broad based consumer anxieties have been removed to a great extent. The economy of the country as a whole began to improve substantially. As a result the financial conditions have upgraded, growth prospects have looked up and upward trend of business has elevated.
Although some conditions have been imposed by IDRA in the insurance industry, yet the insurance sector has come up far and wide. However, we are pleased to furnish the report of our company for the year 2020 as follows:
1) The RICL earned a gross premium of BDT - 871 million
2) The underwriting profit stood at BDT - 102 million.
3) As per grade RICL was dignified as one of the top ranking non life insurance companies in the country.
Long term services & comprehensive relationship with the clients are dependent on the roads and diversification of products which has been introduced in our company. We are committed to maintain a strong capital position through implementation of decision for business growth.

Today RICL is one of the market leaders in many respects and we have been trying to strengthen the position in the industry in a sustainable manner by continuing our investment. We are very much confident that our business will continue to grow in future. In addition, our investment in the capital market will grow to some extent to derive the benefit if the market stabilizes. No matter we shall try to:
 be client oriented
 raise and exercise integrity
 excellency in all respects
 uphold the esteem for individuals and communities
We are ever grateful to all our regulatory bodies especially IDRA, Bangladesh Securities & Exchange Commission, Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms, Dhaka Stock Exchange, Chittagong Stock Exchange, Bangladesh Bank and Central Depository of Bangladesh Ltd. for their continuous support and guidance.
We are also grateful to our employees for their dedicated and thoughtful work to overcome the crucial challenges we did face in running our business. Now RICL has emerged from this critical position to stronger competitive position for which we thank the employees.
We are whole heartedly indebted to our honorable Board of Directors who has been extending their support and guidance with their prudent knowledge, experience and vision for the last 32 years. Finally, we know that we have been accelerating our efforts equally for our shareholders. So, on behalf of all the fellow directors and employees we would like to thank you for your best cooperation and confidence. We will continue to do all to reward your trust.

Fauzia Quamrun Tania
Chief Executive Officer