ICMAB Best Corporate Award

Rupali Insurance has been honored with ICMAB best corporate award. Mr. P.K. Roy FCA, CEO is receiving award from Mr. Abul maal Abdul Mohith MP. Hon’ble Ministry of Finance, Government of the people republic of Bangladesh .

Century International Quality ERA (CQE)

Rupali Insurance Company Limited has been honored by BID (Business Initiative Directions) with the “Century International Quality ERA (CQE)” award for the year 2012, as recognition of its continuous effort to strengthen it’s commitment to quality and motivation to ensure customer satisfaction, the ultimate measure of Rupaly Insurance Company’s success.

“OMAC” Otherways Management Association Club-Paris

Rupali Insurance Company Limited. Has been adorned with “ The Golden Award for Quality and Business Prestige” for distinguishing itself in the field of Quality & Excellence by “OMAC” Otherways Management Association Club-Paris.

Business Asia Award

Additional Managing Director

BusinessAsia Awarded Rupali Insurance Co. Ltd. With the crest “BusinessAsia Most Respected Company Award 2012” on the performance of the company for the year ended 31st December, 2011.